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The Importance of an Accident Reconstruction Specialist for Your Case

Injury victims in Alabama have the right to seek compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering if they were injured because of the negligent or reckless actions of another. In the case of vehicle accidents, accident reconstruction experts can provide invaluable support to your claim by recreating the events and showing how the negligent actions of the at-fault party resulted in your injuries.

You should consult with a qualified personal injury attorney in Alabama with an accident reconstructionist on their team to obtain the testimony required to prove the at-fault party’s negligence.

What Does Accident Reconstruction Mean?

Accident reconstructionists essentially work in reverse by studying and documenting evidence at the accident scene. These experts employ scientific principles and training to arrive at conclusions regarding the cause and unfolding of an accident.

Accident reconstruction may reveal a host of factors, including:

  • Running stop signs and red lights
  • Speeding
  • Lane changes and errors in turning
  • Dangerous road conditions
  • Loss of driver control because of a vehicle or part defect
  • Visibility issues

An accident reconstructionist can demonstrate the manner in which the accident occurred to the jury by using 3D models. They can also submit their testimony in the manner of written reports. 3D models are usually preferred as they are more compelling in nature. Accident reconstruction is an invaluable procedure that can help the jury understand what they need to know about an accident.

Accident Reconstructionists can Establish How and Why the Accident and Injury Occurred

Data analytics, images and videos, graphics and animations, and testimony from reconstruction experts can be useful in determining and proving the actual cause of your accident and injuries. Resourceful attorneys are aware of the importance of accident reconstruction and will retain the services of a reconstruction expert in personal injury claims that involve contested liability or other complex issues.

These are a few ways in which an accident reconstruction expert may be able to help prove the liability of the negligent parties and prove your injury claim:

  • Identify specific errors committed by the negligent driver which led to the injuries (establishing liability).
  • Evaluate Hours of Service records, hiring records, and communication between the driver and the employer in case of commercial vehicle accidents to determine trucking company liability.
  • Determine how a defective motor part or vehicle contributed to the collision (entitling you to compensation through a potential product liability claim).
  • Evaluate hazardous road conditions and whether they played a role in the accident (government entities can be held liable for any road accident caused by negligent maintenance or poor design of roads).

Accident reconstructionists can play an important role in protecting your legal rights, especially if the defendant or their insurance company argues that you are partially to blame for the collision. Conclusions drawn by the reconstruction expert can be useful in supporting your claim and improving your ability to recover damages.

Accident Reconstruction Report Can Support Your Injury Claim

Results from accident reconstructionists are based on scientific principles and largely accepted as evidence. Reconstruction experts employ principles from engineering, math, and physics to analyze and reconstruct the events leading up to an accident.

An accident reconstructionist can be asked to testify in court regarding collision angles, visibility, speed, and other factors. Generally, results from accident reconstruction are used for establishing fault and liability.

Personal injury lawyers, ones that have been around the legal corner before and know what to expect, recommend accident reconstruction in several types of accidents. This is particularly true in cases where determining liability and damages is difficult. Reconstruction experts use sophisticated technologies and methodologies for identifying the key elements that played a part in the seriousness and origin of the accident.

These are a few ways in which an accident reconstruction expert can help your claim:

  • Thoroughly inspecting the vehicles involved in the crash.
  • Analyzing the crash site images and vehicular damage.
  • Reviewing traffic collision reports, witness statements, deposition transcripts, published studies, crash test reports, and other documents.

Accident reconstruction experts will also look at medical records to ensure injuries are consistent with the available evidence. You should have an accident reconstruction expert work on your case as soon as possible. In certain cases, such as truck-related accidents, it is best to have an accident reconstruction expert work on the crash site almost immediately.

Accident Reconstruction Specialist’s Testimony Carries Significant Weight during a Trial

Qualified experts will employ several different technologies to form an opinion. The results and testing of an accident reconstruction expert are based on precise measurements, methodologies, and accurate information. The opinion of an accident reconstruction expert is not based on speculation and conjecture.

The findings of an accident reconstruction specialist are communicated in a clear and concise manner. They use 3D modeling, virtual reality technology, and other techniques to make sure the jury understands the circumstances and events leading up to the accident.

In fact, testimony from an accident reconstructionist may have a greater impact on the jury as compared to eyewitness testimony. This is probably why there is an increase in accident reconstruction experts testifying during personal injury trials.

Discuss a Winning Legal Strategy with our Personal Injury Attorneys to Maximize Damages

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