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The Role of Medical Experts in Auto Accident Cases

In auto accident cases, the insurance company of the defendant will likely adopt every possible tactic to reduce or deny financial compensation for your injuries. The insurance adjusters may argue that your injuries are not as bad as you claim or that you were somehow responsible for your own injuries. A skilled car accident attorney will help you fight back by hiring expert medical witnesses that can testify about the severity of your injuries and back your injury claim.

Who is a Medical Expert in an Auto Accident Case?

Medical experts are licensed healthcare professionals that provide expert opinions on medical injuries and issues. In personal injury lawsuits, medical experts are usually called upon to evaluate a claimant’s injuries, provide a diagnosis, and assess the impact of the accident on the plaintiff’s life.

If you or someone you love was seriously injured because of someone else’s negligence, you may need an expert witness to strengthen your claim and make the insurance company take you seriously. You need a trusted injury attorney to understand how a medical expert can be beneficial to your claim.

Role of Medical Experts in Alabama Car Accident Lawsuits

Assessing the plaintiff’s injuries

Medical experts play an important role in assessing the claimant’s injuries. They can conduct physical examinations, review medical records, and perform diagnostic tests to determine the extent of the injuries suffered. This information can then be used for establishing damages, such as lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

Providing a diagnosis

Medical experts can diagnose a plaintiff’s injuries, which is usually an important element of a car accident lawsuit. The diagnosis can be used for establishing the extent and cause of injury. This information can be used for establishing the defendant’s liability and for determining the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Assessing the full impact of injuries

Medical experts can be useful in assessing the impact of injuries on the plaintiff’s life. This may include identifying the extent of physical limitations, the need for ongoing medical treatment, and the overall impact on the plaintiff’s ability to enjoy life and work. This information is useful for calculating the amount of compensation a plaintiff is entitled to for their lost quality of life and pain and suffering.

Providing expert testimony

Medical experts often provide expert testimony, which can help the jury understand the full impact of the injury on a plaintiff’s life. The testimony can also help establish the cause, the extent of damage caused, and reduced quality of life. Such testimonies are often used for supporting a plaintiff’s claim and for refuting the defendant’s arguments.

Independent medical examinations

Medical experts can also be used for providing independent medical examinations. These are typically requested by a defendant’s legal team or insurance provider to assess the injuries. They can also be used for determining whether the injuries are as severe as claimed. Independent medical examinations can be used for challenging your claim or reducing the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Helping with settlement negotiations

Medical experts can help in settlement negotiations by providing a professional opinion on your injuries. They can corroborate your claim by detailing the lasting impact of the injuries on your life. This information can be beneficial in determining a fair settlement amount for the plaintiff. Medical experts can also be useful in providing advice for ongoing medical treatment and its estimated cost.

Having an Experienced Attorney on Your Side Helps

Insurance companies tend to use a wide array of techniques for delaying, minimizing, or avoiding compensation to victims of auto accidents. The insurance company is a billion-dollar business with shareholders and boards. Their primary goal is to improve the bottom line, which is possible only when they pay as little compensation to claimants as possible.

Many insurance adjusters try to get victims to accept an early settlement offer. These are usually very low settlement offers. A seasoned car accident attorney can help you negotiate with the insurance company. They will prevent you from saying or doing anything that is not in your best interests. They will also take over communications with the insurance company to ensure you receive a maximum financial recovery.

Insurance providers generally have a dedicated team of attorneys and claim analysts to carefully scrutinize every claim that comes through. Insurance adjusters seize on the chance to deny a claim wherever evidence is lacking or unavailable. If your claim is not denied, they will try to reduce the amount paid. Insurance providers leverage the huge advantages of their experience, knowledge, and time for reducing or denying compensation.

Our Car Accident Attorneys Will Fight to Maximize Your Damages

If you or someone you love was injured in an auto accident in Alabama, the law firm of Frank M. Wilson can help you obtain the largest possible financial compensation you deserve. We are relentless in our pursuit of justice on your behalf, while you focus on your safe and speedy recovery.

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