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How To Prove Negligence In A Personal Injury Case

Proving negligence is a vital and necessary step for a personal injury claim to be successful. In absence of proof of negligence, you won’t be able to claim the compensation you deserve because the at-fault party and their insurance company are almost certainly going to deny their negligent actions which caused your injuries and losses. […]

The Connection Between Sleep Deprivation and Car Accident Risks

The risks of drowsy driving are widely known, but negligent drivers continue to operate vehicles while they are sleep-deprived. Quick reactions, alertness, and focus are critical to safe driving. Sleepy, drowsy, or fatigued drivers are often unable to react in time when a precarious situation occurs on the road. In fact, research shows that a […]

Hazards To Avoid During Summer Vacation

Every year during the summer season many people will hit the road to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather and scenic beauty. Many also like to take adventurous road trips to exotic destinations. Unfortunately, summer is also the season with the highest number of personal injury accidents. You should take all necessary precautions to […]