fitness tracker and car accident cases

How Fitness Tracker Data May Help Your Auto Accident Case

A variety of fitness tracker gadgets from popular brands, such as Garmin, Whoop Strap, and Fitbit, among others, can help you monitor your workouts, measure steps, work towards your health goals, and even provide crucial evidence in the event of an auto accident.

Many of the features built into the latest fitness trackers can be useful in proving a personal injury claim following a car crash. It takes a prudent and committed car accident attorney in Alabama to use the evidence provided by fitness trackers and smartwatches in a manner that helps in establishing liability to maximize your compensation.

Location Data After a Car Accident

Location data can prove to be helpful following a car crash. For instance, consider a car crash in which the car was pushed through an intersection and over the median. If these movements are tracked precisely by the fitness tracker, you have access to specific information about how the crash started, the way your car moved during the collision, and where you ended up finally.

You can also get further proof of when and where the accident occurred. You can use the heart rate measurement on the fitness watch. Car collisions cause a surge of adrenaline in the system. This drives up the heart rate dramatically. You can use the sudden spike in heart rate followed by a gradual slowdown as evidence of movement data and how the accident happened.

Data on Overall Health and Wellness

Your fitness watch can provide useful data in terms of proving the manner in which the accident impacted your life. Insurance companies are quick to disregard claims of difficulty in moving, general discomfort, and pain and soreness. These claims are usually hard to prove by the plaintiff, making it easier for insurance companies to deny the claim. They may claim that you are lying or exaggerating.

Data provided by the fitness watch can back up your claim and make it harder for the insurance company to show that you are lying. For instance, if you were a fairly active person doing 8,000 steps a day and exercising 3 – 5 days a week, you can show that the crash took a huge toll on your physical health if you are unable to maintain the same level of physical activity.

Your fitness watch can also show that you are suffering from severe lower back pain or other discomfort. It may provide data about how you are up and down all night long, unable to sleep because your muscles are stiff. You can use the fitness tracker to prove the impact of the accident on your overall quality of life.

Crash Detection Data on Fitness Watches

Crash detection is another feature of high-end fitness watches. Apple Watch 8 introduced the feature for the first time to the market. Crash detection helps provide evidence about the crash. It proves when and where the collision occurred. Such data can be helpful in cases where an insurance company claims the accident was falsified or took place elsewhere.

Pertaining to this, you need a skilled attorney to use this information to your advantage. Your attorney won’t just know the best way of presenting the data but will also take steps to mitigate any damage caused by the other side if they decide to use the evidence against you. They will make sure the data is used for preparing a strong claim that helps in maximizing your damages.

How to Obtain and Use Data from a Fitness Tracker in an Alabama Auto Crash Claim

You should not delay in letting your attorney know about any data recorded by your fitness tracker. A skilled personal injury lawyer will take a thorough look at the data to check the story it tells.

They will also consider the manner in which the opposing side might try and spin the information or explain it another way. Your attorney will know how to download the data in such a manner that it remains legally valid and can be used during negotiations and in court.

To begin with, you let the attorney know quickly about the available fitness data. It is possible that data may automatically get deleted after a certain time. This depends on the fitness tracker model and the settings you have on. Your attorney will take the necessary steps to preserve the data in such a way that it can be used as evidence.

A dependable auto accident attorney may also have app recommendations to provide further information. For instance, automatic sleep tracking is not part of most fitness trackers. You may have to download an additional app for tracking your impaired sleep pattern.

Fitness tracker evidence can be used against you. The other side’s insurance company may claim that though your daily steps have decreased, they are still above average, showing that your injuries are not as bad as you claim. In bad faith, they may also claim that you intentionally decreased your steps and other activity levels to turn the case in your favor.

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