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Ways To Maximize Your Car Accident Settlement

Car accident victims are forced to deal with costly medical expenses, pain and suffering, unpaid time off work, and other losses, while they struggle to cope with their injuries. You shouldn’t have to pay for these unanticipated expenses and losses on your own if someone else caused your accident and injury.

A successful attorney can help you obtain your rightful compensation by pursuing a strong personal injury claim against the at-fault driver and other potentially liable parties.

Factors Affecting Car Accident Claims in Alabama

These are a few factors affecting the settlement amount following a car accident claim:

  • Severity and type of injuries: Severe injuries have a greater impact on the victim’s life necessitating higher recovery in the form of damages
  • Current and future loss of wages: You may lose out on weeks or months of wages if your injuries prevent you from fulfilling your job responsibilities. Certain injuries can result in a lifetime of disability. Fair insurance settlement can help you cover the lost income.
  • Age: Younger victims suffering severe injuries are typically awarded a higher settlement as compared to older drivers. This is because younger victims have more of life ahead of them and need the settlement amount if they have to live with their injuries for several years.
  • Pre-existing conditions: Compensation awarded in an accident settlement is calculated to make the victim whole. You may not recover as much compensation if you already suffer from a debilitating illness or injury.
  • Pain and suffering: You should consult with an experienced attorney to maximize the pain and suffering component of your settlement. This is the only aspect of the compensation that is not based on true costs.
  • Insurance coverage: You may not be able to recover full compensation through a settlement if the insurance policy limits of the at-fault driver are less than the extent of your damages.
  • Property damage: You may be able to seek compensation for repairing or replacing your vehicle and other personal property if it was damaged during the crash.
  • Shared fault: Alabama is a contributory negligence state. The compensation amount will be reduced in proportion to the percentage of blame shared by you.

How to Maximize Your Injury Settlement After a Car Accident?

These tips will help you maximize the settlement amount following a car crash:

  • Medical attention: The insurance company may deny compensation stating that you were not as hurt as you claim since you did not seek medical help. Therefore, be diligent about seeking proper and immediate medical care, and maintain all the medical reports, bills, and records.
  • Report the accident: Police reports can be helpful in establishing liability following an accident. You should know that these reports are inadmissible in front of a jury. Taking this into account, they are helpful during negotiations with the insurance company. This is especially if the report contains witness statements or the officer’s opinion corroborating your statements.
  • Collect evidence: Your attorney will require a lot of information to build a strong claim. You should get the other party’s license information, insurance details, physical address, and contact information. You should also make a note of the type of vehicle that hit you and its license plate number. Don’t forget to get the contact information of any eyewitnesses that may have seen the accident unfold.
  • Take pictures: Photographs offer valuable evidence following a car accident claim. You should take pictures of all the cars involved in the crash. Don’t forget to take pictures of any skid marks on the road, traffic signals, intersections, and other relevant information.
  • Talk to a highly rated personal injury attorney: You should call a personal injury attorney specializing in car accident claims as soon as possible. Insurance companies rarely take a claim seriously if it is not backed by a seasoned attorney. A leading personal injury law firm will have the skills, resources, and experience to negotiate strongly with the insurance company to maximize your compensation.

Things that May Reduce Your Car Accident Settlement in Alabama

The primary thing to avoid when negotiating with the insurance company is to speak directly with the adjuster. You may unknowingly say something or do something that can be used against you. You should also keep off from social media. Putting on a brave face for your friends on social media may be picked up by the insurance company to deny your claim.

The best course of action is to let your attorney know everything regarding the accident and let them communicate with the insurance company. Never accept the first settlement or early settlement offer made by the insurance company. This is almost always significantly lower than what your claim may be worth. Instead, let your attorney speak with the insurance company.

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